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The group of Governer Li Qiang visited Yaxing to inspect

Release time:2014-03-10

On February 26,2014,the governor of Zhejiang Province Li Qiang visited Yaxing accompanied by all levels of government leaders.The company leaderships like Chairman Zheng Qizhong,co-chairman Liu Yuanqing,president Fu Zhanjie and general manager Liu Wenhua received and accompanied.

Li Qiang listened to the report of Pujiang County relevant information,fully affirmed the achievements that Pujiang government achieved in the industry cultivation,city development,institutional innovation,ecological protection,people's livelihood improvement and so on.

Li Qiang,along with his delegation also visited each workshop of Yaxing company,viewed of the whole process of production and profuct storage condition,report to the personnel structure,production and management,processing  prodution,market,storage condition and stability maintenance work.

Li Qiang said,the new material is the basic and leading industry of high and new technology,new material industry has good development foundation,we should stand at the height of the provincial industrial transformation and upgrading,give full play to regional advantages,industrial chain advantage and market advantage,accelerate the agglomeration development,talent and other innovative inspiration,introduce and cultivate new meterial project,extend the industrial chain,high standard to planning and construction of new material technology city,promote the new material industry great-leap-forward development by the open innovation train of thought.

After the visit,Li Qiang gave high evaluation and fully affirmed for the energy-saving products,the conduct situation of each work and the efforts of all staff.