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Employment Guide

Thanks very much for your attention to Yate Fiber Company, and when you want to cooperate with us, please get to know the followings:

1. Please send us your resume in the following methods, and make sure to indicate the applying position on resume;
2. If your resume matches the requirements of applying position, we will invite you for an interview within one week;
3. If you come to the Company directly to require an interview without invitation or appointment, our staff may have no time to receive you; so we suggest that you should follow our recruitment process to apply for a position;
4. Please carry your ID card and original of graduation certificate at the first interview, and carefully fill in Applicant Information Sheet according to the Company’s requirements;
5. Before confirming the employment, the Company will arrange the interview for not more than three times in principle;
6. We are very grateful for each talent coming to apply for a position, and if you are qualified with the interview, we will contact you through telephone within one week after interview; to guarantee that you can receive the feedback result timely, please make sure that your telephone is smooth during this period;
7. Bus line: ① Pujiang Transportation Center — Zhengjiawu (get off at Houxie station), Pujiang Transportation Center Yiwu Railway Station, Yiwu (get off at Houxie station)   ②Yiwu, Yiwu Railway Station —Pujiang Transportation Center (get off at Houxie station)